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Nutrition, yoga and natural wellness support to empower you to live your healthiest and happiest life.

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Lauren Gesslein-Hausheer


Lauren Hausheer has dedicated her life to helping people heal and thrive. As a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and Registered Yoga Teacher, Lauren has worked with a variety of clientele across the world over the past decade including Fortune 500 executives, professional and olympic athletes, special operations military personnel, entrepreneurs, weekend warriors and busy parents.

She struggled with her own chronic health issues from an early age and understands the struggles of her clients. Realizing the traditional healthcare model was not enabling her to thrive, she began studying nutrition, yoga and other modalities to develop her her own user manual to heal herself.

She helps heart centered individuals struggling with fatigue, stress and anxiety who are unable to show up as the best version of themselves reclaim their health and feel vibrant and resilient.

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Overview Of Services

Virtual Programs:

Work one on one with Lauren. Includes an in depth consultation, recipes, meal plans, yoga and meditation practices, stress reduction protocols and lifestyle habits to fit your schedule and needs.

Online Courses:

Choose a live group or self paced course to heal your mind and body as you become your own health authority and learn to find balance and meaning in a chaotic world.

Digital Products:

Check out the ready to follow meal plans with shopping lists, recipe books, yoga practices, meditations and more.

Speaking & Consulting:

For studios, small businesses and groups looking for presentations, cooking demos, group challenges, yoga classes and wellness support.