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Lauren Gesslein-Hausheer


Lauren Hausheer has dedicated her life to helping people heal, train, and thrive. As a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Sports Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition, Lauren has worked with a wide variety of clientele across the world. In the past decade she has been priveleged to support top professional and olympic athletes, retired NFL players, military personnel, corporate executives, business owners, weekend warriors, busy parents and everyone inbetween. She has also worked with the NFL Player’s Association, Wounded Warrior Project, Dallas Stars Hockey, Texas Instruments, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Southwest Airlines.

My Philosophy

My personal and professional experiences have led me to the belief that chronic health concerns are rooted in an imbalance in the body and/or the mind. The truth is, these issues are signal that the body is trying to tell us something. It is almost impossible to reach our goals and find satisfaction in our bodies and our lives when we’re not even aware of the true cause.

Rather than fighting with our bodies, I invite my clients to get curious and see their “problems” as clues, with openness and honesty. This is where true healing takes place. We drop the struggle and judgment and choose to work in partnership with our mind and body to create a better life. Through a completely holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spirtitual wellness, we can work together to create a solid foundation that will help you thrive.

Are you ready to shift your life experience from chaos to calm?

Stress and anxiety depress our immunity and digestion.
Our digestive system produces most of the chemicals that make us feel happy and reduce anxiety while also being responsible for over 70% of our immunity.
Our gut affects our brain, and our brain affects our gut.

What we eat and how we treat our bodies matter.
Our thoughts and emotions matter.
No quick fixes. No strict plans.

Lasting health only comes from bringing balance to the body and mind in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable to you.

I’ve Been Where You Are

My personal journey has been filled with poor immunity, misdiagnosed illnesses, chronic migraines and a laundry list of food sensitivities, which left me feeling lost and resentful of my body. Many days my mind felt like a torture device that I couldn’t escape. All of the traditional treatments offered made me worse. I felt completely powerless.

Once I realized how much my poor health was costing me in terms of living and enjoying my life, I made my decision to get better. Of course the decision was only the first step of a long but beautiful journey. I love to learn, so I began to study nutrition in college and found new ways of healing my body naturally. Many things improved, but the real changes occurred when I began practicing yoga. The lineage I studied focuses on the energetic effects of breath and movement and learning to calm the mind. I began a personal practice suited to the needs of my mind and body and quickly began to heal at a deeper level than I knew was possible. I continue to study a variety of ancient and modern modalities to gain more awareness and have more wisdom to bring to my own life and to those around me.

I understand the overwhelm and fear of others’ struggles, but I know there is a much better option available to everyone. I am honored to help others at any point in their journey to create a more vibrant and nourishing life, one bite and one breath at a time.

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